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MgA. Lukáš Sotolář (*1983)

He started to be interested in music since his early childhood and studied to play the violin, viola and piano under the leadership of Ms. Ivana Drahovzalová and Mr. Jaroslav Martinásek at Art and Drama School for children in Jedovnice. Nowadays he is employed as a music teacher there himself.

In 2005 he graduated at Brno Conservatory as a violist under the leadership of Professor Emil Machain. During his studies he attended private lessons of choir conducting at Professor František Lavička. In 2012 he gratuated at the Faculty of Music (choir conducting in the class of Professor Lubomír Mátl) at Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts.

He works as an organist in Basilica of the Assumption of Our Lady in Křtiny and co-operates with the Vocal Ensemble Musica da Camera Brno, Mixed Choir Kantiléna Brno and amateur dramatic ensemble KŘOVÝ (Křtiny amateur elite – as an author of music, arranger and répétiteur).

He has been the conductor of the Mixed Chamber Choir Kantila since 2002.

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